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Introducing, The Most Advanced Social Media Marketing Platform Today, Which Will Change The Way You Communicate, Shop, And Have The Opportunity To Generate Unlimited Income Directly Into Your Bank Account.

What is Kwik?

Kwik is a social media shopping application that allows all Consumers, Vendors/ Shops/ Brands/ Services, and social media users, to generate income by introducing Vendors/ Shops/ Brands/ Services they already like, to their own circle of friends on social media.

Blockchain Technology

The patented Blockchain technology called “Exponential Wave” allows “Endorsers/ Influencers/ Customers/ Fans/ Followers” to get paid. That is when a customer shares a link to their social media, and for every transaction that occurs on that link they get a commission in the form of Kwikcash, namely e-wallet which can be seen in their accounts on the Kwik platform. Then the e-wallet can be transferred to any bank account anywhere and anytime around the world.

How to run the Kwik Platform is divided into 2 groups of users, namely the Vendor/ Shop/ Brand/ Service owner group and the Customer/ Consumer/ Endorser/ Influenser group. The following is an explanation for each of these groups:

How to do for:


How to Run Kwik for Vendors/ Stores/ Brands/ Services

Include Your Product Profile

Kwik Analytics for Web Dashboards. Kwik Analytics provides the free tools needed to analyze data for your business, so you can make more informed decisions.

How this Kwik Platform will bring you thousand of dollars in revenue every month to your account


Let illustrastion a gym Influencer named Rina, which has 2k followers. And he uses Kwik to be able to make a lot of money.

Rina is a customer of a nutrition brand, and tells how the product really helped her in getting a healthy body on Instagram.
The story told by Rina contains a link where if the followers are interested, they can directly buy the Nutrition brand that Rina has been consuming so far.
And it turns out that 100 of her followers bought the nutrition brand from her story, and Rina got $15 from each of her followers, Rina total income was $1500 cash.

But Rina income doesn’t stop there, because the potential of this Kwik Platform, is the potential for sharing whose power is even more powerful!


See the next illustration

Rina's followers can now share the link as well, and each of them buys the nutritional brand, and gets the same $15 commission that Rina made at the beginning, and Rina will get another $7.50 from her 2nd level.
Followers of Rina followers can also get, with each level of commission that is shared through the follower link. Can you imagine how much Rina potential income can be generated just by endorsing 1 brand of nutritional products. How about more products endorsed by Rina?
Rina earns more than $20,000 from just one story on Instagram, and her followers make thousands of dollars too. Vendors also benefit from the exponential growth of sales turnover by leveraging ustomers by leveraging their social media.

This Kwik program will encourage extraordinary Desire and Motivation for customers/influencers to tell stories about the products they use or like on their social media platforms, while for Vendors/ Shops/ Brands/ Services will experience growth to an Unimaginable Level



Example of  

The following is an example of calculating commission payments by Kwik:

  1. Suppose the Retail Price of Vendor Products/Services is $100

  2. 30% discount to Kwik is $30 ($70 product price + vendor net profit). The amount of the discount given depends on the respective Vendor/Shop/Brand/Service. The greater the discount given, the more consumers / customers.

  3. Kwik technology and operational costs are 20% of the discount, namely: $6

  4. The commission for consumers is 80% of the discounted price after deducting Kwik operational costs, which is $24.

  5. $24 is dispit/ divided to app Kwik $12 and Newage $12.
  6. For Kwik commission calculation, each level is multiplied by 50% of the level above it, and it is calculated up to $0.01.

  7.  Like this example, As a consumer/ Influencer, you will receive $6 for all sales in First Level. That is $12 x 50% = $6

  8.  Kwik automatically creates a link to share with all these buyers, and this will form an influencer on your 2nd Level.

  9.  When those buyers share, they get a First Wave commission of $6 and you get a Second Wave commission of $3 and so on and so forth. (See calculation details below).

  10.  Can you imagine when 5 influencers share their link with 5 people, who each share with 5 more people, who each share with 5 people down just 5 Waves, it will be 3,125 new subscribers. The potential is limitless. And that’s just one brand of product, what if that one person buys more than 1 product??

Track Earnings in Real-Time

You can monitor every new transaction that occurs immediately in your Kwik account. And immediately notice your Kwikcash/ E-Wallet balance will continue to grow, and you can directly transfer the e-wallet to your bank account, anything, anytime and anywhere! 

• Every time a link is shared and when a transaction occurs, Kwik technology will be recorded in real time.

• This technology can record transactions with an unlimited number of levels between the initial buyer to the final buyer.

• Kwik can track revenue performance and commissions for all parties (Vendors and Customers), through easy-to-understand dashboards that are sent via the website and on smartphones.

The magic of Kwik does not only generate commissions from the volume of product purchases, but from the use of third party services that have been patented.

The Magic of Kwik

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Conclusion of this Kwik Social Selling Platform

  1. NO RISK. Your participation in the Kwik application is completely risk free, because registration is 100% free. You only buy the products you need. And after that you can become a earning influencer from all over the world.
  2. VERY EASY WORK TO DO. Just by sharing any product you love on social media, you have the possibility of making unimaginable money.
  3. PURPOSE Distribution of discounts by vendors, so that customers are motivated to recommend the products they have purchased, to all their friends on their social media. Of course, this will directly increase sales for Vendor/ Shop/ Brand/ Service owners.
  4. NEW MARKETING CONCEPT. Kwik provides a new way with innovative and revolutionary links for Brand/ Shop/ Brand marketers, in an effective way that engages their customers (segmented). This will save expensive advertising and promotion costs , so it will be leaner to increase sales to Brands/ Shops/ Brands.
  5. BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY, being your kwik-link is your identity. Cannot be duplicated, imitated and forged. Because the security level of blockchain technology is very high, it is guaranteed to be safe in transactions. Bitcoin or known as cryptocurrency uses this blockchain technology.
  6. WEAKNESSES. If you are late getting your kwik-link for various reasons. You have missed more opportunities to make money, because this kwik-link applies one ID to one kwik-link. Today’s technology causes everything to be interconnected.


Is this Network Marketing?

  • No—customers getting customers
  • Buy one product, no other requirements
  • Get the entire compensation plan worldwide

Is my customer (and their customer) tied to me?

  • Yes, but only for specific products they buy from you
  • Yes, for all repurchases of the same product.

If my customer buys another product from the app, do I earn commission?

  • Yes, if your customer buys from a link that you sent.
  • No, if your customer buys a different product from the app and promotes it.

Share & Earn Money

Everything to the World From your referral links.

It’s all because of technology, be glad you found this information. Because tomorrow you may be a different person from today. Especially your financial condition


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NewAge was created by leveraging growing consumer demand for healthier products, and accelerating disintermediation of traditional retail. Since its inception, we have developed our healthy product portfolio in a direct distribution model with a commitment to a greater purpose for a shared future.

Dr. Fred Cooper Live — Introducing KWIK (28 Oktober 2021)

A partnership with NewAge means incorporating our branding expertise, our proven success system, our international footprint and our global business infrastructure — we handle all the logistics, while putting the advertising budget in your pocket and dividing the profits evenly. Our social selling platform is here to help and unlock better ways to earn, better ways of living, better ways to grow and better ways to pay for them.

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You just buy and share that product you loved it and than get money

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Newage Compentation Plan Explained


Kwik is different from Multi Level Marketing.

  • Although at first glance it looks like a Multi Level Marketing company.
    the kwik. This concept is the same as the concept used by marketplace companies in general, such as Amazon.
  • If we shop on marketplace applications, apart from looking for the products we need and of course the first thing we look for is prices and free shipping services. Is not that true?
    Well… this price difference is what Kwik does. give it to its customers or influencers. Namely, discounts given by vendors or shop owners.
  • In conclusion, if we used to shop just to get discount offers from marketplace companies, now we can make unlimited money as endorsers or influencers.
  • We can see how Amazon, Shophfy or Alibaba are the richest companies in the world today, their wealth comes from product discounts given by brand owners or vendors who sell their products in their applications.
  • And imagine that you can now collect the discounts that made companies rich, and give them to those of you who want to be their influencers.
  • How many hundreds of billions have been spent by marketplace companies to advertise their apps on TV, newspapers, Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, etc as well as signing famous artists and football players? And those hundreds of billions of dollars are now being shared with you.
  • Kwik not Multi Level Marketing:
  • No need to buy monthly products.
  • No need to attend motivational events and presentations. Especially in the current pandemic conditions, as much as possible avoid crowds for things that are not important. Take care of health risks, save time and money.
  • There is no need to pay to join this program. Everything is free.
  • No need to fill in the registration form.
  • Just endorse your friend’s link to your social media (FB, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, WeChat, Twitter, Inkedln, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.)

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